An average Indian women spends almost 25% of her time in the kitchen during her cooking span. Due to this she undergoes a tremendous stress and strain. Globally, continuous efforts are taking place to enhance the convenience of cooking. Keeping in line in the direction, Shrihari Décor offers 100% customized designer kitchen solution.

Shrihari Décor, formally started their operation in the year 2005 and had successfully undertaken more than 200 projects in various places like Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Salem, Tiruvannamalai etc. Our motto is to bring the aspirations of the customers in to reality and we are proud to announce that all our customers are fully satisfied.


A good designer kitchen should take care of convenient cook tops, versatile storage and easy retrieval and sanitized wash area with least maintenance. Shrihari Décor offers all these and much more. In India, we resort to wet and spicy cooking method. This demands a selection of a good  core material to withstand tough and rugged usage. Shrihari Decor responds to this demand by offering 16mm boiling water resistant plywood of reputed make which is laminated on both sides with 0.8 mm water proof laminates and edge banded with PVC edge banding tapes on all four edges. All these are mechanically processed thereby ensuring a longer shelf life.

Bedroom wardrobe requires various storage options. Be it a built-in wardrobe under the masonry loft or stand-alone wardrobe. Shrihari Décor comes up with the solution. And not to mention these are all 100% customized to your bedroom size. The material used for the storage cabinet of wardrobe is 18mm double side Medium Density Fibre board, edge banded on all four edges. These are mechanically processed thereby ensuring a longer shelf life.